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The Gret Glyer Podcast

Aug 29, 2018

This is my debate with Connor Bland on the topic of Short Term Mission Trips and whether or not they help people. This is meant to be an honest but frank discussion about our opposing viewpoints with the hopes of providing you with a fuller understanding of this complicated subject.


Beware of Bad Orphanages...

Aug 23, 2018

This was a great conversation with two fun and slightly non-traditional pastors from Michigan. We got to talk about "feel good" charity, meaning, comfort, the Karate Kid and how DonorSee flips traditional charity on it's head.


These Go To 11 Podcast

Cobra Kai and Sanctification book



Aug 15, 2018

Shae Bynes, who interviewed me for her podcast, is a master at asking piercing questions that get right down to the core. Today we got to talk about some of my old (shocking) blog posts, the pitfalls of success and the real reason why I don't take a salary for DonorSee. I had a blast recording this and I expect that...